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2016 April News


What is YWAM?

You can change a child’s life in Cambodia


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Dear Friends,

If you’d like to partner with us in seeing more Cambodian children receive a godly education you can do so by selecting the following link:

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New Life School in Phnom Penh

Dear friends,

Wish you could come with us and see these kids’ faces real time. You’d fall in love with them instantly. We thank the Lord for all who are sponsoring a student.


Word By Heart

Memorize the Gospel of Luke in three months?  You’ve got to be kidding, right?  Well, since  January, Dawn has been in a course called Word By Heart,  and this last week she presented Luke’s Gospel (word by word).  She’s been asked to present portions of it at various schools within the YWAM campus here and other groups.  When God’s Word is spoken out loud from memory, it’s just powerful (and as her husband, I think Dawn was made for this).photo


Compassion DTS team launching Europe Tour for Revival & Reformation

Our Compassion Staff aka Re:urope team is taking to the road tomorrow morning!
Dawn and I are soo proud of them, and I am excited to see what the Lord will do through their fervent intercession, worship and demonstration of His truth and love. May His Kingdom come (again) to Europe! For daily updates go

New DTS launch…

Yes, it is true… Dawn and I will be going to Switzerland for 3 months to help launch a brandnew Compassion DTS at YWAM Burtigny, Geneva. The DTS will start in the beginning of April and 10 of our current staff are joining us. The school will have an emphasis on the French speaking world and Africa. We do have openings for this 6-months long Discipleship Training School. Check out the following link

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Geneva is considered the birthplace of the reformation. A city of great influence in the world today in the areas of finance and international aid. (United Nations, Red Cross, World Vision etc.)

Compassion YWAM-DTS

Compassion DTS, April 2012 on location in Burtigny, Switzerland
Compassion DTS, September 2012 Kona Hawaii

Compassion header

Step into a world hungering for true love and freedom

Picture yourself motoring down a wide, muddy river in the Amazon basin with 10 of your closest friends, carrying inside of you the one message of hope that can liberate a people hidden deep in the world’s largest jungle… Picture yourself waking up in the heart of Africa and stepping outside of your residence to a savannah sunrise and 25 grinning, dark-skinned children full of eagerness to receive the love of Christ in you… Picture yourself hiking up to an overlook in India that provides a sweeping view of the exotic, sprawling city below you, and taking the opportunity to powerfully pray with your teammates for the freedom of Christ to rain down.  Are you hungry to wake up to the reality of God’s passionate love and powerful purpose for you and for this world? Do you want MORE – more of God, more passion, more fire? Do you want to experience God’s heart, to join Him in His deep and world-transforming purposes? If your answer is “YES!” then Compassion DTS is for YOU.”

Compassion DTS in full swing

Compassion DTS 2011Words fail to describe the first week of Compassion DTS 2011! One hundred students and staff eager to dive in and bring glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lord. Together we experienced uninhibited times of worship and deep heart transformation, brought on by a new revelation of who Jesus really is. Our visiting speaker, Don Stephens presented foundational teaching on the Kingdom of God and helped us see people & the world around us with new eyes. God is hugely at work among these young word changers and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Phnom Penh update! (written by Kayla, one of the teens on our team)

After 24 hours of traveling through amazing places such as Honolulu (well, that’s normal) and Seoul, South Korea (WOW-Asian heaven) we all made it to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

I cannot begin to describe the emotions overwhelming me at being here again.

The first thing that really hit me was the smell. Something so strong and unique but I totally forgot that it was here. Of course I was instantly reminded with a blast of warm air near the airplane ramp door, and just smiled despite the exhaustion. I am here. After two years of waiting, I am here.

Delicious food.
Adorable children.

I taught at the Christian school with our team… 6th then 5th graders. Last time I was here, I was just beginning to tiptoe into my future of being a teacher and just had a heart for Cambodia, not just a calling. Now, teaching those kids about their value and uniqueness (with flower pens!) I was in my element. You know, you get that feeling where you are exactly where you need to be? Yup. That was me.

And then joining all of our team, out with the kids at break, seeing my dearest friends with the kids so close to my heart. And the little boys were clinging to our guys with shy, and bold, admiration. Such joy erupting from that cramped school yard and we laughed and giggled and said “see you on Monday”. For we sure will.

I only just realized that one girl that caught my eye was actually from a picture with my friend Grace, taken two years ago. Woah.

We went on a boat ride, and it was chill… riding down the river…. yet on landing I walked the unsturdy plank back to shore… then one of the guys (cough Tyler) decided to bounce and it’s what everyone thinks about but funnily doesn’t expect… it slipped! Naomi clutched to the rail for dear life swinging over the murky dark water and so did some others.

I calmly stood on the shore as the guys figured it out and we got back.
Meanwhile, one of the little street boys who had begged from us before we got on the boat came back. But this time we got to talk to him and his tiny little sister and I gave them high-fives and more kids came over and I got to pick up the little girl and I just can’t explain that joy that was in my heart. OH MY I wanted to sit there with them all night. Please, Lord. No more li-haoy’s, no more goodbyes. Prayer.

And a more intense thing…Heavy, drastic, tragic, depressing…. the genocide museum. But what came out of it was the line of a song…. there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. This country has gone through such tragedy but now? They will enter into joy.

And that night, as a physical reminder of that joy?
Imagine a huge stadium with flat walkways on top.
Now imagine a dozen zumba dance groups. And you’re the only white people among hundreds.
And six teenagers join in to the techno exercise.
And dance with view of the skylines of Phnom Penh. What a memory.

But on the way home from Tuol Sleng Musuem…. We drove on many back-city streets with bumpy roads. And we passed the massage parlors. One in particular, not far from this place. It is real, they are there. I saw the girls. I saw them waiting, in their outfits, talking. And we drove away, they were gone. They were gone. But not far. Right now, two blocks away, they are there.
Oh Jesus help them. That’s all I can begin to say.

On missions trips there are remarkable connections. You will always end up saying “it’s a small world!”.
Like a team from Azuza Pacific University staying here at the Ywam base who knew the Dong’s brother. And this morning when we had worship they joined in… I was tearing up because of the powerful unity.

Wow. So all of you parents and friends, you would be so INCREDIBLY proud of this team… and especially amazed at Jesus who used us… who were nervous, scared, sometimes unprepared. I introduced the crazy game “egg-chicken-velossal raptor” (don’t ask) and Eric, Tyler, and Andrew played “Happy Day”…. then we had worship with the New Life youth group team. Eric got to play guitar and Andrew played drums for part of the time. They were so stoked and Andrew had never been asked to actually play louder before! Awesome. As the worship went on the Holy Spirit came and even some spiritual warfare surfaced and we kept praising God. I felt so much at home. And they were singing in Khmai to Hillsong songs that I know so well but don’t often hear in worship. I stood next to a girl at the front as she was singing in Khmai and I in English, and we were one and the same, equal, praising the same God. A glimpse of heaven.

Drew spoke on fear of man and her struggles and overcoming them, and then Tyler spoke on struggles and gave the analogy of surfing… when you get smashed by the waves you have to be patient and you will come out of it. We had small groups after and the kids really responded and identified with the issues, and even though there was a language barrier we could see the impact God had made this night.

Oh and one girl said I spoke good Khmai. Score! (though I asked her how to say church and I kinda knew how to say it… but they thought my pronunciation was good)

We went to KFC after… high on the joy of the Lord and so happy at what he had done.

But one highlight… despite seeing the smiles of my team… was on the way to the church.
We were waiting at the traffic lights and a barefoot beggar boy came around the tuktuks. He held nothing but a feather duster. He first went to the guys’ tuktuk… I quickly began digging in my bag for the crackers given especially for the purpose. He came by… we hurriedly handed them to him before the lights changed…and hoped he would accept it. Sometimes they are trained beggars that only go out for money and aren’t actually hungry, or have to bring back the food to someone else.
But we watched him carefully as he weaved his way through the traffic and we drove away… and SCORE he had opened the package and was munching as he crossed the road.

One little thing, made a difference.
Just some crackers in my bag.

I love this country and as each day goes on, I see more and more how God has designed me to be here, and how he is going do so much through me and the rest of our team.

And seriously, we all get along so well it is crazy. Well, God. He put us together and it’s wonderful. We have so much fun. Despite the draining heat and the hard work, we laugh and laugh and laugh. GOD IS GOOD. So as we wave to people on the streets (we score if they wave back, and they do often) and dance with the Khmer people. . . we get to see Jesus in the most unexpected places and it’s glorious. A glorious, quiet, revolution.

So join with us in prayer, thank you immensely to all those who prayed and gave.
We need you and we need God, and I hope this brought a smile to your face.

Love, Kayla